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DYNA's Genesis

DYNA Journal was born in the year 1933 as an idea by a group of students and professors of the Facultad de Minas. The environment of that time was optimal for the Journal’s inception, due to the Escuela Nacional de Minas’ leading role in Colombia’s entrepreneurial development. The Journal’s first director was a student, Joaquín Vallejo Arbeláez, who defined the Journal’s main objective thus: "Our goal is to stoke the fire which must burn in every student’s soul, and to disperse the carbonated atmosphere of utilitarianism and form a general ideology which will govern all of men’s aspirations, and particularly those of the engineer".


DYNA's Strengthening and Sustainability

The Facultad de Minas's graduates from the early and middle parts of the 20th century went on to create important Colombian industries. They were also very generous with their donations, their advertising, and contributed articles; DYNA became one of the first engineering journals in the country, and it has been able to sustain itself thanks to factors such as:

  • The existence of a significant group of highly qualified researchers and authors, dedicated to research in diverse areas of engineering, and who are interested in publishing and divulging the results of their research.
  • The Journal’s inclusion in various national and international databases, increasing its dissemination and exposure.
  • An Institutional Exchange of Journal copies among 180 institutions, both national and foreign.
  • Its sale and distribution to graduates of the Faculty as well as its subscribers.
  • The support of the Faculty’s outreach and research projects, through a small percentage of their funds which go to DYNA.
  • Economic support through advertising revenue from local companies.

Considering the constant evolution of the scientific and investigative endeavor which is engineering, DYNA has done its best to remain constant its edition’s periodicity, and it is currently published bimonthly, that is, 6 issues per year in the months of: February, April, June, August, October and December.


Cooperation with academic and investigative projects for the communication and dissemination of knowledge.

The Facultad de Minas comprises 12 engineering programs as well as 27 postgraduate degree programs, at the Doctorate, Masters and Specialization levels. It also enjoys an extensive interinstitutional with national and international universities and institutions, in order to support, encourage and promote research, innovation and technological development in engineering. This allows us to keep in contact with different project and investigative groups undertaken in the field of engineering. In this way, DYNA serves as a medium for the dissemination of information about the constant investigative activity, by publishing said knowledge to the national and international communities, through the Journal’s editions, which demonstrate the interaction between academia, investigation and society.

Current Issue   
  Year 85 , Issue 207
   Diciembre 2018

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