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General Questions

How many editions are there per year?
DYNA publishes six issues for year, in February, April, June, August, October, and December.

What is the maximum number of pages for an article?
The maximum length is 10 pages, single spaced, Times New Roman font, on letter size paper.

In what languages are articles received?
DYNA receives articles in English and Spanish; however the Editorial Committe may recommend the authors to send their articles in English.

In what areas or themes does the journal publish?
DYNA publishes articles in the following areas:

  • Organizational Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Materials and Mining Engineering
  • Geosciences and the Environment
  • Computer Science and Decision Systems
  • Processes and Energy
  • Electrical Engineering and Automation
  • Biotechnology
  • Other areas related to Engineering

In what Colciencia category is DYNA classified?
The National System of Indexation and Homologation of Specialized Journals PUBLINDEX in Category A1

Do you recieve review articles?
DYNA publishes the following types of articles: an editorial, research articles, essays, brief communications, and diagnostic images.

Is adverting allowed in DYNA?
DYNA authorizes the publication of advertising within the content (usually on interior pages or at the end of the journal), the journal is of a scientific nature and publishes scientific articles in the fields of engineering. The advertising must be informative and the contents of the images must be of a technical nature. For more information please contact

Is payment required to publish an article in DYNA?
No, DYNA does not charge for the publication of articles. The journal is financed by the School of Mines of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin Campus.

If DYNA publishes an article how can the authors receive a copy?
Each author of the articles published in a DYNA edition receives a copy of that edition by post.


Subscription and Exchange

Does the DYNA journal allow exchange requests and what is the process?
Yes, the process is to send an exchange request to the exchange section of the central library of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin Campus:

Gloria Patricia Alzate López
Jefe De Procesos Técnicos
Library "Efe" Gómez -
Departamento de Bibliotecas
Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede Medellín
Telephone: (57-4) 430-9796

How can you subscribe to DYNA?
You can subscribe for each published edition, or the 6 editions published annually. Download the attached Subscription Form.

How much does DYNA cost?
The sale price to the public is ten thousand colombian pesos (COP $10,000).

How can I purchase a copy of DYNA?
For direct sales in Medellín contact:

The Assistant Administrative Office (Oficina de la Asistencia Administrativa)
School of Mines (Facultad de Minas)
Bloque M4 – Piso 2
Carrera 80 No. 65 – 223
Medellín - Colombia

Can I purchase the journal outside of Medellín?
For sales in Colombia outside of Medellín, please follow these instructions:

The cost of each edition is ten thousand colombian pesos (COP$10,000) For delivery by post to Colombian cities each package of up to 6 editions costs twenty five thousand colombian pesos (COP$25,000)

To order please make a deposit for the total value of the editions including postage in the following BANCOLOMBIA bank account:

Account Type: Checking Account (CUENTA CORRIENTE) No. 097-036970-88
Name of Account Holder (NOMBRE BENEFICIARIO): Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Description (CONCEPTO): Publicaciones y Revistas Facultad de Minas

After making the deposit please send a copy of the deposit by fax to (57-4) 425 53 43 or via email indicating:

  • The details of the editions you wish to receive
  • The complete shipping address including the name of the person and telephone

How long does a subscription to DYNA last for?
In the subscription form you should state how many copies you wish to buy.

If I request a sales invoice, can you send one?
Yes, when you send the deposit slip, you can request one and it will be sent by the Assistant Administrative Office, of the School of Mines.


About the evaluation and judging of articles

What are the conditions for sending an article to DYNA for evaluation?
Articles are must be sent using the Open Journal System (OJS), using the following link: The general conditions are:
A manuscript of a maximum of 10 pages written using a word processor such as word or other compatible software, accompanied by a Declaration (Carta de Sometimiento).

How long does the evaluation process take?
The evaluation process depends on the availability of the reviewers, they are asked to respond within a month, however, rapid responses are not always received. The editorial team is always trying to reduce the time taken, either by reminding the reviewers or by changing the reviewers in the case that they do not respond quickly.

What types of article can be sent to DYNA for evaluation?
DYNA publishes the following types of articles: an editorial, research articles, essays, brief communications, and diagnostic images.

How many articles may an author send for evaluation?
DYNA accepts up to 3 articles from the same author for simultaneous evaluation.

Is there a limit to the number of authors of a paper?
There is no limit of the number of authors for a paper.

What is the limit of pages per article?
The page limit is 10.

Is there a format for the presentation of papers?
Yes, the rules and format for articles are described in: Formato Articulo Revista DYNA

Is it necesary to send the Letter of Presentation of the article?
Yes, this should be sent using the Open Journal System (OJS) as an attachment when you send the article.

Should reviewers be suggested in the Letter of Presentation?
Yes, you are requested to recommend reviewers in order to expand the database of reviewers, however please note that the Editorial Commitee decides which reviewers are selected.

What conditions should the reviewers fulfill?
The reviewers should be specified by their full names and their contact details: email, mobile and office telephone number.
Also please take into account:

  • They should have at least a masters degree.
  • They should have ample knowledge in the subject matter of the article.
  • They should not be part of the group of researchers or professors who wrote the article.

In DYNA can conference or seminar memoirs be published?
There is a special protocol for the Editorial Comittee to accept the publication of a special edition that is from a seminar or conference, which can be consulted in PROTOCOLOS-NORMAS-ESTILOS-DYNA/PROTOCOLO PUBLICAR ARTÍCULOS DE EVENTOS.docx


Current Issue   
  Year 85 , Issue 207
   Diciembre 2018

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